25 Best Quotes About Entrepreneurship

25 Best Quotes About Entrepreneurship - Fooxz

25 Best Quotes About Entrepreneurship can use to motivate and inspire ; A leader is one who knows the way. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe. Let’s get started…

No one can take you away from the path of your dreams unless you want to.

Tom Bradley (former mayor of Los Angeles)

Age is not a barrier to setting new goals or dreaming new dreams.

C. S. Lewis (British author)

If you want to achieve something tomorrow, start dreaming today.

Johann Goethe (world-famous German poet and philosopher)

Most people look at the objects around them and ask – why? And I imagine what is not there – why should it not be real?

George Bernard Shaw

Life is full of beauty. Look at the bees, look at the smiling faces of the children. Smell the rain, touch the wind. Enjoy life to the fullest, and fight the need to fulfill your dreams.

Ashley Smith (American writer)

Don’t go where the path leads. Walk where there is no way and leave your mark.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (philosopher)

Dream quotes

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Dream of living forever; And live every day in such a way that tomorrow you will die.

James Dean

Like success, failure is unique to each individual. But any failure can be a new lesson if there is a positive attitude. That education inspires you to start with new dreams again.

Clement Stone (American successful entrepreneur)

No matter where you come from, you have the right to dream and make it happen.

Lupita Amondi (Kenyan-born Hollywood actress)

Don’t dream small about yourself because other people’s imagination is weak.

Mother Jamieson (the first black woman to travel to space)

The day you quit the game, you lose from that day, not until then. So, never never never give up.

Arif Hossain (Bangladeshi Entrepreneur)

Some people live in a dream world. Some people actually live. And there are some people who make dreams come true.

Douglas Everitt (British chemist and author)

Dreaming people can find their way to the moonlight; And they are the first to see the sun rise in the morning.

Oscar Wilde (world famous author)

Only dreams can give a man the courage to stand up again from the bottom of failure.


A man never grows old until he stops dreaming.


Stay away from those who discourage your big dreams. Small-minded people are afraid to dream big. Those who are really big hearted people will always encourage you.

Mark Twain (world famous author)

Never waste what you have. Remember, what you have now was once your dream.

Epicurus (Greek philosopher)

The future is in the hands of those who believe in their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

All great dreams begin with the hand of a dreamer. Remember, the power, patience and desire to change the world always exists within you.

Harriet Tubman (anti-slavery leader)

Failing to dream is certainly not a good thing, but not dreaming is even worse.

Seth Godin (author and successful entrepreneur)

You don’t need to see all the stairs to make your dreams come true, just the first one

Martin Luther King Jr

If you dream, dream big. That is what will inspire you the most.

Johann Goethe (world-famous German poet and philosopher)

Yesterday is today’s memory, but tomorrow is today’s dream.

Kahlil Jibran (Lebanese poet and philosopher)

Hard work alone is not enough to achieve big, you have to dream big.

Anatole France (Famous French Writer)

Appreciate the small achievements on the way to achieving big dreams.

Nelson Mandela

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