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Business Idea 2022 for a little money. I will not work, I will give you a job! Today’s young people no longer want to work, they want to do business. Let’s take a look at the business ideas that can be started very easily for a small amount of money.

The beginning of a business attitude

At present, both government jobs and private jobs have become very difficult. Has become very competitive. Thousands more contestants are joining the competition every year.

In many cases, they are far ahead of you. That is why frustration is growing among the youth every year. You should not sit with this frustration anymore. Better if you can start something small for yourself.

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Because this small business has changed the fortunes of countless people in the world, and the big businessmen you see today all started small businesses. Today you will find ten business ideas that you can start small.

Social Media Management

The present age is the age of media and those who love media, especially Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp all day long, can start the business of social media management. Social media management is managing other people’s websites and Facebook pages.

Who will manage the site? Those traders are very busy. They don’t really have time to do these things. So they do it with someone else. Moreover, various celebrity singers, heroes, founders and personalities also maintain their own sites with others.

How to get a job? You need to contact them online and send them samples of whatever you can do.

Ballpen business success

Making Ballpen: This is a very small business idea that can be easily started. If you search on Facebook or YouTube, you will get an idea about the materials and tools for making ballpoint pens. It can be made by investing a few thousand rupees.

If you can do marketing in the local market, you can earn 1 to 2 taka per pen, so you can earn 1000 to 2000 taka per day. Search BallPen Business now on YouTube to find out more about this business type and demand.

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Fast food business

Making fast food: There are different types of fast food, which you can make with a little training. There is always a demand for fast food in the morning, afternoon and evening. People eat different kinds of food on the way back and forth. And if your food is delicious then customers will come to you from far away to eat your food. So if you are interested in making food, then you can start this business with little money.

How to get started?

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Then you have to display your food beautifully. Remember these are tempting foods. So you have to attract the attention of the customer. The food then you will get a lot of customers very quickly and the quality of the food must be.


YouTube Channel: If you have an exceptional talent, which is highly appreciated by others or you can show a lot of viewers in a moment, you can create a YouTube channel. The channel through which you can teach others your skills or if you have a lot of good experience in a subject in the form of tutorials. At present, there are hundreds of channels in Bangladesh which earn over five lakh per month. And the number of YouTube channels earning more than 1 lakh is more than a thousand.

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Page: This is called a business page. If you can decorate nicely and prepare products for the whole of Bangladesh including the local market, which is the most interesting in your area. After collecting or verifying the products that are in demand from all over Bangladesh, you will only upload pictures on your page and after ordering, you will deliver these products to your visitors through a local courier. As long as it doesn’t cost you anything, you will collect the phone after receiving the order first. And surely you have the best idea about the phone in your area.

E-shop / e-commerce

Create an online shop: You can open your own online shop on Daraj, today’s deal-type site. Where you will display pictures of your product. When the customer places an order, the order will send you today’s deal/drawer. You will deliver the product accordingly and receive payment. In this case, you can easily find all the products that are available in your local market but the demand is much higher in these online shops and you can easily sell them.

Earnings while riding a bike

If you can ride a bike, you can transport using Uber or Pathao apps like this and those who are involved in this kind of work can easily earn 800 to 1000 taka per day. The cost is a motorcycle and the cost of petrol all day. Excluding everything, you can easily earn 800 to 1000 taka per day.

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Business Training

If you are a good trainer and if you have sufficient and in-depth knowledge about business, you can provide training related to different types of business online or directly. In this case, you need to contact various organizations directly for training or you can create an online event on your Facebook profile and give a training circular there. Bangladesh now has a good amount of income opportunities in this regard.

There are also thousands of business ideas around you, which you can start with very little money. Remember that once a story is created with a little money, it becomes a new history. The businessmen we see today as billionaire billionaires also started with an honest idea and a little bit of money.

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